Digitalkey Print and Trade is willing to go the extra mile to deliver your merchandising and branding needs.

When the company first started 12 years ago, we impressed our clients by delivering quality products within a very short amount of time – something that other companies refused to do. It was that willingness to take on challenges that cemented our role in the business, turning Digital Key from a neophyte in the industry and into a reliable business partner.

Our clients called us miracle workers, and we took pride in giving them the products they wanted at the fastest time with the most reasonable prices. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work and stress to become miracle workers, but it’s all worth it when we see just how satisfied our clients are.

Digitalkey started out with just five people but has since then grown to over 60 employees with three production plants. We have seen steady growth despite the economic crisis and slowdown, and we credit the company’s success to the perseverance and dedication provided by its people.


Digitalkey Print and Trade aims to offer satisfaction and convenience in everything it does, so it always works hard to produce quality merchandising products within an impressive time frame. The company is results-oriented and dedicated to detail, so no item gets sent out without passing strict quality inspection. It strives for professionalism at all times, and it seeks to fulfill, if not beat the expectations set by the clients it serves.


With relentless drive and a commitment to excellence, Digitalkey Print and Trade sees itself as becoming the premier global merchandising and branding company in the Philippines. The company constantly updates itself with the latest trends andtechnology in its desire to offer clients the best products in the market, all the while adhering to its social and labor obligations. It also hopes to develop a progressive relationship with all of its clients where trust, respect, and professionalism are valued above all else.